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Notable Alumni

Bronx Science alumni have a proud tradition of excelling in fields ranging from science and art to business and politics.   Below are just a few alumni who have made us proud. 

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Eight Nobel Laureates, more than any other secondary school on the planet:
  • Ray G. Glauber '41, 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Leon N. Cooper '47, 1972 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Melvin Schwartz '49, 1988 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Sheldon L. Glashow '50, 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Steven Weinberg '50, 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Russell A. Hulse '66, 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • H. David Politzer '66, 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Robert J. Lefkowitz '59, 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Six individual Pulitzer Prize winners:
  • William Safire '47, author and columnist at The New York Times
  • Joseph Lelyveld '54, Executive Editor (1994-2001, 2003) at The New York Times 
  • William Taubman '58, Professor at Amherst 
  • Bernard L. Stein '59, Editor of the Riverdale Press 
  • William Sherman '63, Reporter at the New York Daily News 
  • Gene Weingarten '68 at the Washington Post
Eight alumni have won the National Medal of Science, the nation's highest scientific honor bestowed by the U.S. President:
  • Barry Mazur '54 (2011), Prof. of Mathematics, Harvard
  • Charles Yanofsky '42 (2003), Prof. of Biology, Stanford
  • Bruce N. Ames '46 (1998), Prof. of Biochemistry, UC Berkeley
  • Peter M. Goldreich '56 (1995), Prof. of Astrophysics and Planetary Physics, Cal Tech
  • Stuart A. Rice '49 (1999), Prof. of Chemistry, U. of Chicago
  • Steven Weinberg '50 (1991), Prof. of Physics, U. of Texas at Austin
  • Leonard Kleinrock '51 (2008), Prof. of Computer Science, UCLA
  • Robert J. Lefkowitz '59 (2008), Prof. of biochemistry, immunology and medicine, Duke U.
Twenty-nine graduates are current members of the United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Twenty-two Bronx Science graduates are current members of the United States National Academy of Engineering (NAE), and ten are current members of the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

In the history of the Intel/Westinghouse Science Talent Search competition from 1942 to 2009, Bronx Science has led the nation in the number top 10 winners with 43, top 40 finalists with 135, and top 300 semifinalists with over 912.


  • Roy J. Glauber '41, Professor of Physics (Harvard)
  • Leon Cooper '47, Nobel laureate in Physics (Brown)
  • Melvin Schwartz '49, Nobel laureate in Physics (Columbia, retired)
  • Sheldon L. Glashow '50, Nobel laureate in Physics (Boston U.)
  • Myriam Sarachik '50, Professor of Physics (CCNY)
  • Steven Weinberg '50, Nobel laureate in Physics (Texas)
  • Arthur Bienenstock '52, Associate Director for Science, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President
  • Russell A. Hulse '66, Nobel laureate in Physics (Princeton)
Astrophysics and Astronautics
  • Sidney A. Bludman '43, Professor of Astrophysics (Pennsylvania)
  • Laurence R. Young '52, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics (MIT)
  • Peter M. Goldreich '56, 1995 National Medal of Science Recipient (Caltech)
  • Jay M. Pasachoff, '59, Professor of Astronomy (Williams)
  • Neil Tyson '76, Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium
Other Physical Sciences
  • James F. Roth '41, Former Corporate Chief Scientist, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • Stuart A. Rice '49, Professor of Chemistry (Chicago)
  • Allen J. Bard '51, Professor of Chemistry (Texas)
  • Richard W. Hertzberg '55, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (Lehigh)
  • Richard S. Lindzen '56, Professor of Meteorology (MIT)
  • Robert J. Lefkowitz '59, Prof. of Biochemistry, Immunology and Medicine, Duke U.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2012)
Life Sciences
  • Charles Yanofsky '42, Professor of Biology (Stanford)
  • Andre T. Jagendorf '43, Professor of Plant Physiology (Cornell)
  • Norton Zinder '44, Professor of Genetics (Rockefeller)
  • Bruce N. Ames '46, 1998 National Medal of Science Recipient (Berkeley)
  • Henry Metzger '49, Director of Intramural Research (NIH)
  • Herbert Weissbach '49, Professor and Director, Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Florida Atlantic)
  • David Botstein '59, Professor and Chairman of Department of Genetics (Stanford)
  • Robert J. Lefkowitz '59, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry (Duke)
  • David L. Rosenstreich, '59, Immunologist (Albert Einstein)
  • Eric A. Rose '68, A Leading Heart Surgeon
  • Lewis Teperman '73, Director of Liver Transplant (NYU)
  • Jill Bargonetti-Chavarria '80, Professor of Biology (Hunter)
  • Edward Berger '64, Chief, Molecular Structure Section (National Institute of Health)
Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mischa Schwartz '43, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering (Columbia)
  • Marvin Minsky '45, Professor and Pioneer of Artificial Intelligence (MIT)
  • Anthony G. Oettinger '47, Professor of Applied Math and Information Resources Policy (Harvard)
  • Henry J. Landau '49, Mathematician (retired) at Bell Laboratories
  • Elliott H. Lieb '49, Professor of Mathematics and Physics (Princeton)
  • Robert Spinrad '49, former VP of Technology Strategy at Xerox
  • Joseph F. Traub '50, Professor of Computer Science (Columbia)
  • Leonard Kleinrock '51, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, UCLA, a father of the Internet
  • Aaron D. Wyner '55, Former Department Head of Communications Analysis Research, Bell Laboratories
  • Leslie B. Lamport '57, Microsoft Research
  • Stewart D. Personick '63, VP and GM of Information Networking Research, Bell Communications Research, Inc.
  • Gregory J. Chaitin '64, Creator of Algorithmic Information Theory (IBM Watson Research Center)
  • Deborah F. Lockhart '65, Program Director (Applied Math), National Science Foundation
  • Andrew Koenig '68, Software Designer (C++), AT&T Labs Research
Humanities, Culture, and Society
  • Jascha Kessler '46, Professor of English and Modern Literature (UCLA)
  • Harold Bloom '47, Professor of Humanities and English (Yale and NYU)
  • E.L. Doctorow '48, Author and Professor of English (NYU)
  • Matthew Bruccoli '49, F. Scott Fitzgerald Scholar (S. Carolina)
  • Marie Winn '54, Author of The Plug in Drug
  • Todd Gitlin, '59, Professor of Culture, Journalism, and Sociology (NYU)
  • Marilyn Hacker, '59, Award Winning Poet
  • Meredith Maran '68, Activist and Feminist
  • Noreen Goldman '69, Professor of Demography and Public Affairs (Princeton)
  • William Safire '47, Pulitzer Prize Recipient, Author and Columnist at The New York Times
  • Andrew J. Glass '53, Former Washington Bureau Chief (Cox)
  • Edward A. Kosner '53, Editor of Sunday Daily News
  • Joseph Lelyveld '54, Pulitzer Prize Recipient and Executive Editor at The New York Times
  • Martin Peretz '55, Editor-in-Chief at The New Republic
  • Stephen B. Shepard '56, Editor-in-Chief at BusinessWeek
  • Bernard L. Stein '59, Pulitzer Prize Recipient and Editor of the Riverdale Press
  • Jeff Greenfield '60, Political and Media Analyst at CNN
  • Ira Robbins '71, Pop Music Critic
  • Lisa Schiffren '77, Journalist and Author of VP Quayle's Murphy Brown Speech
  • Sheryl Kahn '86, Entertainment Editor at McCall's
  • Melvin Simon '44, Co-Owner of NBA's Indiana Pacers and Real Estate Developer
  • Leon C. Hirsch '45, Founder and CEO of U.S. Surgical
  • Richard E. Wainerdi '49, CEO of Texas Medical Center
  • Leonard Lauder '50, CEO of Estee Lauder
  • Donald Marron '50, Chairman, UBS America
  • Stephen R. Hardis '52, CEO of Eaton Corporation
  • Ronald Lauder '61, Former U.S. Ambassador to Austria
  • Millard Drexler '62, CEO of J. Crew
  • Rose Marie Bravo '69, Former CEO, Burberry's Ltd.
  • Dean Valentine '72, President and CEO of UPN (former Executive at Walt Disney)
  • Howard Jonas '74, Founder and CEO of International Discount Telecommunications
Economics and Finance
  • Peter Kenen '50, Professor of Economics and International Finance (Princeton)
  • Arthur Lipper III '50, Venture Capitalist
  • June Ellenoff O'Neill '51, Former Director, Congressional Budget Office
  • Harrison J. Goldin '53, Former NYC Comptroller
  • Claudia Goldin '63, Professor of Economics (Harvard)
  • Andrew W. Lo '77, Director of Laboratory for Financial Engineering (MIT)
  • Judith Weissman Ganes '79, Commodities Analyst
  • Howard M. Squadron '44, A Leading Lawyer
  • Norman Dorsen '46, Professor of Law (NYU)
  • Louis E. Agi, '59, Former District Attorney (Alaska)
  • Paul D. Gewirtz '63, Professor of Constitutional Law (Yale)
  • Bill Lann Lee '67, Former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights
  • Marissa Piesman '68, Novelist and NY State Assistant Attorney General
  • David W. Sussman '72, General Counsel for MTV (former General Counsel for NY Yankees)
  • Bruce Ackerman '60, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University 
  • Seymour Simon '49, Author of Children Science Books
  • Michael I. Sovern '49, President Emeritus (Columbia)
  • Norma Wolk Gluck '52, Regent, NY State Board of Regents
  • Albert Carnesale '53, Chancellor at UCLA
  • Susan Hauser '53, Director of Career Services (Yale)
  • Joseph L. Bower '55, Professor at Harvard Business School
  • Arnold Speert '62, President of William Paterson College
  • Arthur Levine '66, President of Teachers College
Public Service and Politics
  • Henry J. Stern '50, NYC Parks and Recreation Commissioner
  • Jeremy J. Stone '53, President, Federation of American Scientists
  • Nita M. Lowey '55, Congresswoman, D-NY
  • The late Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) '60, Civil Rights Leader
  • Jeffrey Dinowitz '71, NY State Assemblyman (Riverdale)
  • Jeff Wiesenfeld '75, Executive Assistant to NY Governor Pataki
  • Alan Grayson '75, Congressman, D-FLL
  • John Liu '85, Comp, NYC Comptroller
  • Harold Brown '43, Former Secretary of Defense
  • Russell A. Rourke '49, Former Secretary of the Air Force
  • Richard Danzig '61, Former Secretary of the Navy
  • Richard Poch '65, Colonel (USAF)
  • Mark Rydell '46, Hollywood Director and Producer
  • Emanuel Azenberg '51, Neil Simon's Broadway Producer
  • Robert A. Moog '52, Inventor of the Moog Synthesizer
  • Bobby Darin '53, The Late Actor/Singer-Composer
  • David Saperstein '53, Novelist, Screenwriter, Film Director
  • Steve Karmen '54, Composer of Popular Jingles including I Love New York
  • Samuel R. Delany '60, Science-Fiction Writer
  • Daphne Maxwell Reid '66, Actress
  • Richard Price '67, Novelist and Screenwriter
  • Paul Provenza '75, Actor
  • Valerie Smaldone '75, Radio Personality at WLTW 106.7 Lite-FM
  • Michael Kay '78, Sportscaster (NY Yankees)
  • Christine Dunford '79, Actress
  • Jon Cryer '83, Actor
  • Jon Favreau '84, Actor, Screenwriter and Co-Producer
  • Greg Gattuso '86, Author of The Seinfeld Universe
  • Mark Boal, Two-time Oscar-winning Screenwriter and Producer, The Hurt Locker.
  • Dominic Chianese '48, Actor 
  • Steve Lappas '72, Head Basketball Coach (U of Mass, Amherst)
  • Wolf Wigo '91, 1996 and 2000 Olympic Water Polo Team

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