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Alumni Mentoring Program
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The Bronx Science Alumni Association is launching a Mentoring Program. Read below and click on the links to find out more information about the program and how to get involved.

Program Overview:

For purposes of launching this program, we sought alumni interested in professional networking and mentoring in the following topic areas:
  • Engineering/Technology
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Media/Communications
Applicants were required to meet the following requirements:
  • A resident of the New York Tri-State Area
  • Working in one of the five areas above (more to come as the program develops)
  • interested in collaborating with others on a presentation for current students
  • Able to meet every two to three months

Mentoring Program Goals:

  • To develop Bronx Science students and alumni throughout their careers in their industries of interest
  • To create opportunities for Bronx Science alumni to network with, develop relationships with and gain guidance from alumni in their industries of interest
  • To foster a sense of community among Bronx Science alumni

Structure & Guidelines:

The program consists of five (5) Networking Circles, which are designed to provide alumni in different stages of their careers with a valuable opportunity to network, share experiences, seek and provide career advice, and most importantly, to foster a sense of community among alumni from different generations.
  • Networking Circles are comprised of eight (8) alumni of varying seniority within the same industry. Terms last for one year, starting in the fall of the school year.
  • You must be able to commit to in-person meetings with the Networking Circle every two to three months, but, at a minimum, once every quarter. If the Networking Circle needs assistance with a location to meet, the Meeting Captain (defined below) shall contact the Executive Director of the Alumni Association for assistance.
  • Each Networking Circle should set specific goals as a group. One goal that must be met by each Networking Circle within the school year is that each Networking Circle must put together some form of educational programming for current Bronx Science students and alumni.
    Examples: Host a panel or lecture at the school or give an on-site tour of a company for current Bronx Science students and alumni who are college students.
  • Each Networking Circle shall have two captains:
    • Meeting Captain: Shall organize the Networking Circle’s meetings and report on that circle’s meetings to the Chair of the Mentoring Committee and the Executive Director of the Alumni Association.
    • Program Captain: Shall be in charge of coordinating the panel, lecture, workplace tour or other event to be hosted by that Networking Circle
For purposes of piloting the Mentoring Program, the Alumni Association has created five Networking Circles in the following areas and has lined up captains for each circle (except as otherwise noted):
  1. Engineering/Technology
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Finance
  4. Law
  5. Media/Communications

If you would be interested in attending programs hosted by the Networking Circles, please send your full name, class year and email address to

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